Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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FitnessBlender says:

What is it that you guys like best about this workout video? Tell me, and I
will make more like it!?

Katie Bourque says:

Damn, I lost my breath 5 minutes into this video! lol, that means its a
keeper! Thank y’all!?

Jadz Blaze says:

Damn, awesome, simple workout.?

Ellen Harris says:

will i lose my belly fat by doing this exercise 6 times a week??

Ieffingsuck says:

Great workout… I wanted to get a cardio bit didn’t want to go to the gym.
Now I’m sitting here in my home dripping sweat. Thank you so much.?

Barbara Holmes says:

I liked this routine because the steps were simple yet I was really huffing
and working hard.?

Melissa Sacz says:

I did it complete at my first try! i am feeling the strenght 😀 😀 ?

Niki Lyn says:

whew was tired and done 10 mins into this video. Lol. Def going to save
this for a workout routine and work my way up to being able to do the whole
thing. (: ?

Becky White says:

Excellent work out. Burned 457 calories!?

AngelicaMarie Fuentes says:


Juanis Mejia says:

Ive lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks with this workout and kickboxing.. Thank you guys
sooo much!!?

thejazzyprincess says:

Need music!!!?

Daniella Gutierrez says:

Yes! 380 calories burned. Thanks!:)?

CB Wifeey says:

i just love this workout. the man’s voice is so encouraging and the lady’s
smile is so entertaining, it looks like she’s having fun doing it so am i.
whenever she smiles i start smiling lol. oh and my favorite part is the
wide hamstring stretch after a good workout like this one! :)?

Christy Wilson says:

Great workout, not too hard not too easy. Great sweat!! ?

Fernando says:

I’m a guy, and I’ve been noticing an increase in my resting heart rate
lately. So I decided to take up a little cardio. This is perfect. Easy to
follow, great little switches to get the whole body nice and warm, and get
that heart pumping. As a start to more extensive cardio, I’m very satisfied
with this video. Great job, all of you. Keep ’em coming. ?

Elisabeth Chiliberti says:

I loved this. The kids were sick and I was missing the gym so I tried it.
Quick and efficient. Great to loosen up my lower back with those high knees!

Rubi Martinez says:

what kind of diet would go good with this? as in what kind of foods?? any

Kat Wassmer Viray says:

How often in a week should I do this??

MajaNOfficial says:

Is it ok to do some of the exercises or do you have to do them all? My room
is on the 2nd floor (living with parents) so I can’t jump while doing
exercises. I don’t want to do it downstairs either, it somehow feels

ManhattanChic2501 says:

I just started exercising and loosing some weight due to a diet change. I
started with a different exercising programm here on youtube and totally
failed. A few days ago I found your videos and I’m absolutely motivated
again, because there’s no need of specific equipment. And it’s awesome that
you are doing live time videos, that way I am able to follow the exercises.
This was one of my first video workouts i was able to do till the end.
Really proud of myself. Thank you so much.?

Kim JaePoon says:

How much calories??

katiecutiepie13 says:

It says how many calories you burn on the right side of the screen :) love
this vid ?

Adrianne Calumpong says:

Love that you encourage yet still awknowledge those that are not in shape.
You always say, “if you want to make it tougher then do so, but if this is
hard for you then do what’s best for you” That really proves that you care
about the HEALTH of the people. Awesome video and job. thank you?

Mona_Lisa_25 says:

i love yal workout videos when i first started i could only do a good ten
minutes but today I did thirty mins before i took a break…now im dripping
sweat lol?

Maria Redstar says:

thank u very mucj,great video!?

Gaelle Lahoud says:

Every day we should do this for 8 weeks ?? or like once every week ??

Lucie Frazier says:

If I do this workout 6 times a week, will I loose fat along with a good
diet? Plus, has anybody seen results by doing this video frequently??

Mzhyperchick says:

This is my first time doing this video and I managed to complete it all!
I’m so proud of myself, I never have up at some points. ?

BestWayLoseBellyFat says:

High knees are a great workout for losing belly fat, great exercises?

Amber-Jane R says:

how many calories does this burn? i know there wont be an exact amount but
there must be a lower and upper limit of calories that can be burned?

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